Today it is necessary for every business to stay in touch with the customer requirements to fulfill it so that they can comply with these today’s competitive era. In this competition era, especially manufacturing businesses have the need to process much quantity of data in their decision and transaction processing which can support their decision making more smoothly. ERP has the wonderful role in it.

The origin of ERP software is considered to be near 60’s decade and it started becoming popular near the decade of 80’s. Firstly the SAP was started to be used and firstly the fortune 500 companies started to use it then the Korean MNCs started to use it. Then today the SCM and CRM are the new issues in the ERP segment.  

ERP implementation have the many issues consisting in it from licensing fee to the post implementation process. These processes are the set of paperwork which is needed to be performed with very care. A proper ERP implementation causes for a company to successfully drive for profit like - Godrej and as well the improper implementation of the ERP software leads a company towards the bankruptcy like - hershey chemicals and dell computers.  

ERP software is helpful to improve the user convenience. It is a web based platform which is helpful in increasing the competency level of the organizations and these ERP solutions are available in customised way so that the organization can lead towards the next shift.

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